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Your business doesn't stop. Now you don't have to either.

Everything you need from your CRM on your phone. Manage your entire sales team and pipeline from the field.


Kai Agent is a CRM software mobile application that makes it easy for businesses to attract, manage, close, and nurture their leads. With a highly intuitive UI and a powerful feature set it gives businesses everything they need to manage and scale their sales without having to juggle multiple tools. Kai Agent manage all your sales-related communication in one place for small to medium sized businesses

Enter calls, create tasks, track status, and see all your contacts' information on the go

What happens when you need to check crucial contact information from outside your office? If you have pockets, a cell phone holster, a purse, a fanny pack or any other way to carry a phone (including hands), you have a way to manage your sales on the go.


Search, check, update, and add contacts

 All your contact information is in one place. Easily search contacts, check information, edit details, and add new contacts while you’re on the go.

Track and Assign Tasks

Stop tasks from piling up on your desk while you’re out of the office. Stay on top of your to-do list, assign tasks to your team, set up meetings, and mark tasks as complete.

Call contacts and check status

Stay in touch with your contacts from the app. Everything is in one place, so you can place calls, check status, and immediately take notes and update deal information from your phone.
Achieve more with KAI Agent Mobile CRM
  • Agents have access to up-to-date information while on the move
  • Manage opportunities, modify or update information on the go
  • Helps agents develop customer engagement strategies while in transit
  • Facilitates better flow of information within your organization
  • Locate, contact and manage customer data effectively
  • Increases agent productivity, collaboration and efficiency
  • Saves time that could be used in interacting with customers and advancing leads
  • Accelerates sales and service cycles
  • Seek, gather and update customer data

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